Image 2 Child to Child Training
Introducing CFJ to other participatns in a pictorial fashion

CFJ is embarking on an exciting new project in Uganda, Tanzania and Malawi to monitor the impacts of mining on children. The Oak Foundation has provided the financing for this project.

As one of Oak’s grantees, CFJ has been invited to participate in Child to Child‘s project to implement six child rights principles into our organisation. This process was kick-started in early October with the first part of a training course on these principles in Uganda, attended by CFJ’s Governance Advisor, Lovemore Winga, and Head of Accountability, Policy and Programmes, Rachel Etter-Phoya.

Image 3 Child to Child Training

The principles listed below are important for us as a human-rights based organisation working to improve the rights of citizens in Malawi and the region and including children. Over the course of the next few months, we will be assessing where we are as an organisation and trying to better understand how the principles can be incorporated at the institutional, strategy and programme levels by developing a set of benchmarks to aspire to. We believe that our new programme on the extractive industries and children will benefit significantly from this benchmarking process. We are walking this journey with 14 other organisations from the region, some which work directly with children and others, like CFJ, that do not.

At present, a couple of CFJ staff are participating in an online course on the principles and benchmarking as a continuation of the training in Uganda. Next week, CFJ will be in Tanzania for the inception meeting of the extractive industries and child rights project with partners from Uganda and Tanzania and the Bank Information Centre, which is based in the USA.

Principle One: Child rights‐based
Principle Two: Child participation
Principle Three: Non‐discrimination
Principle Four: Best interests of the child
Principle Five: Respecting and building on strengths 
Principle Six: Do no harm

Image 1 Child to Child Training
Reflecting on what child participation is with Oak Foundation Fellow Helen Veitch
Child Rights and Mining: CFJ Participates in Child Rights Benchmarking Project with Child to Child and Oak Foundation
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