cover-page-cfj-strategic-plan-2016-2021Citizens For Justice (CFJ)’s 2016 – 2020 Strategy responds to a general decline in the integrity and effectiveness of the Malawian polity. We will strive for equality and justice for ever Malawian.

There has been a general decline in the rule of law; i) access to justice and judicial review; ii) legal certainty; iii) proportionality; iv) equality before the law and non-discrimination; and v) transparency. The rule of law provides the framework within which economic, cultural, political and social aspirations are equitably and justly realised by every citizen.

Although Malawians have over the last two decades enjoyed the constitutionally protected civil and political rights, the social, cultural and economic rights – the so called second generation rights – do not enjoy the same constitutional protection and are hence subjected to policy and political debates. Although Malawi is a thriving democracy, there are concerns that democracy is widely understood to be elections and freedom of speech. Since 1999 this democratic deficit has resulted into looting of public funds by politicians and public officials in what has come to be referred to as “cashgate” in the recent case during the Joyce Banda era. However, looting of public funds started with the first multi-party Presidency of Bakili Muluzi and it continued during the Bingu Wa Mutharika.

Through our plan and work, we seek to continue to address the following four objectives

  1. To increased knowledge on accountable use of public resources among citizens
  2. To contribute to the empowerment of and creation of a responsible citizenry, participating in decisions that affect their lives
  3. To improve access to justice and public services for marginalized Malawians
  4. To promote equality under the law for vulnerable and marginalized Malawians

Download our strategy here. We look forward to working with you and your feedback!

Equality and justice for every Malawian: CFJ’s Strategic Plan 2016-2021
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