Citizens for Justice (CFJ) with support from GIZ is implementing an ‘Advocacy for a Corrupt Free Society through the strengthening of Accountability Institutions in Malawi’ programme. The project’s primary objective is to conduct an in depth study that informs the capacity development plans with the aim of improving the capacity and mandate of Malawi’s main accountability Institutions thus fulfilling the project’s overall objective of contributing to the creation of a corrupt-free Malawian society.
Assessing the capacity and functionality of accountability Institutions is not only central to Malawi’s Growth Development Strategy (II) but also integral to CFJ’s theme of promoting good governance in Malawi. CFJ recognizes that improving accountability mechanisms in the democratic governance sector promotes accountability and transparency as community based organisations and marginalized populations are empowered to lobby for and demand a corrupt-free society.
In this regard, an audit was carried out by Wilkinson and Associates and submitted to CFJ and GIZ Malawi with the intention of giving a comprehensive picture of the difficult situation in which the accountability institutions find themselves, and of the effects the day-to-day constraints have on the ability of these institutions to serve the people. This report was launched on 20th October and shared with a wider audience hoping to raise awareness and also to give a voice and a platform to the accountability institutions to constructively engage with each other and find new ways forward, by combining their powers rather than remaining weak in isolation.

Launch of the Institutional Policy and Legal Audit of Accountability Institutions

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