This October WoMin launches its participatory research carried out by WoMin alliance members in East, West and Southern Africa during the course of 2014. The research reports on instances of small and large scale mining, oil extraction and steel production in seven different countries.

Driven by this participatory research, WoMin also presents an ecofeminist analysis of the African Union’s development vision for the 21st century as laid out in the Africa Mining Vision (2009) and the accompanying policy framework Minerals and Africa’s Development (2011).

WoMin, launched in October 2013, is an African gender and extractives alliance, which works alongside national and regional movements and popular organisations of women, mining-impacted communities and peasants, and in partnership with other sympathetic organisations, to: research and publicise the impacts of extractives on peasant and working-class women, support women’s organising, movement-building and solidarity, advocate and campaign for reforms that go beyond short-term reformism to contribute towards the longer-term structural changes that are needed and advance, in alliance with numerous others, an African post-extractivist eco-just women-centred alternative to this dominant destructive model of development.

Launch of WoMin’s Participatory Action Research and First Ecofeminist Analysis of the Africa Mining vision

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