The Human Rights and Business Country Guide provides country specific guidance to help companies respect human rights and contribute to development. For companies to manage their potential human rights impacts, they need to be availed with comprehensive information about the local human rights context in which they operate. The Country Guide provides a systematic overview of the human rights that companies should be particularly aware of.
The Country Guide was produced through systematic survey carried out by the Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR) and Citizens for Justice (CFJ). The aim of this guide is to improve the human rights practices of companies operating in Malawi.
Like all other Business and Human Rights Guides, the Malawi guide is a comprehensive overview of the ways companies are impacting human rights in Malawi. Creating the Guide was more than a yearlong process, and it includes as many local recommendations and initiatives as possible. We hope this gives inspiration to companies for their own policies and processes, and we encourage them to consider how they can participate in the locally owned projects we’ve identified.
As always, the Guide is available in full, free of charge, here at the Country Guide website.
Download the Malawi Country Guide
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