Africa Mining VisionDuring the week of the 11th of April, a group of 40 experts and interested parties on the extractive industries from across the continent – from government, civil society and the African Union – met in Accra, Ghana, to fine tune the African Minerals Governance Framework. Citizens for Justice’s Head of Accountability, Policy and Programmes, Rachel Etter-Phoya, and Inkosi Mabulabo attended from Malawi. This was a follow up of a roundtable discussion CFJ was part of last month on the same framework.

The Africa Mining Vision (AMV) was adopted by the Heads of State from across the continent at the African Union in February 2009. This was taken on board to serve as a platform to ensure mining contributes to sustainable development. In its own words it seeks “to enhance transparency, equity and optimal exploitation of mineral resources to underpin broad-based sustainable growth and socioeconomic development”.

The African Minerals Development Centre has been set up to help countries domesticate the vision. Now the Centre is leading the development a framework to monitor implementation of the Vision at the national level. We have been participating in these discussions and developing the framework. During the meeting in Accra, we spent significant time discussing and designing a proposed implementation structure for the framework from the continent-wide to the national level as well as how to monitor the effectiveness of the framework and make sure it is sustainably financed. The framework is built to monitor country’s implementation of the AMV pillars which cut across: fiscal regime and revenue management, geological and mineral information systems, artisanal and small scale mining, institutional and legal environment, linkages, diversification and infrastructure development, and environmental, social and community impacts.

The AMV has the potential to transform the way Malawi manages its resources for its people, but implementation has been slow across the entire continent. The establishment of the Centre should improve the rate of domestication and it has already engaged our Government. It will be supporting the Department of Mines to establish a contract negotiation unit.

Measuring Mining Impacts: Technical Workshop to fine tune the African Minerals Governance Framework
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