2016-08 WoMin Meeting


Last week, CFJ joined over 30 women gathered from 8 countries for a regional campaigns strategy meeting “Women Building Power: an African women-led women’s rights campaign addressing Fossil Fuels, Energy and Climate Justice” in Johannesburg, South Africa. CFJ participated in the meeting as one of the only civil society organisations present – most women were from community groups and organisations.


WoMin-African Women Unite Against Destructive Resource Extraction organised the meeting from 2-6 August to agree on an approach and framework for building a campaign. The first four countries that will lead the campaign are South Africa, Nigeria, the DRC and Uganda and other countries, like Malawi, are expected to join later.

The meeting was also an opportunity to strengthen knowledge, skills and capacity for campaigning against fossil fuels, and for renewable energy and climate justice from an eco-feminist structural change perspective. Key introductory sessions covered climate change and justice, access to energy and water, campaigning versus advocacy, feminism and eco-feminism. There was also space to share opportunities and challenges facing women in relation to energy, water and extractives in the respective countries.

To find out more about WoMin and the campaign, take a look here.


Planning for a regional, community-driven and women-led campaign on fossil fuels, energy and climate change with WoMin
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