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Our Strategy



Cover Page - Lilongw Water Projectcover-page-pwyp-malawi-amv-gap-analysis-20162015-10 Accountability Institutions in Malawi Audit Cover Page - EJOLT Impact of Kayelekera Uranium Mine, Malawi Cover Page - Implementation of the Legal Aid Act in Malawi - Providing Access to Justice through Prison Camp Courts 2014-09 CFJ Oil Legal and Policy AuditCover Page - MWEITI Processes and work done in the EITI debate in Malawi Cover Page - Scramble for The Yellow Cake in Malawi Cover Page - Uranium Mining in Malawi Perspectives on National Legislation the License to loot and plunder



cover-page-cfj-annual-report-2015CFJ Annual Report 2014 Cover Page Cover Page - CFJ Annual Report 2013 Cover Page - CFJ Strategic Plan 2011-2014 Cover Page - Current and Future Activities 2015

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