In search for adequate water to support the various exploratory activities at Songwe Hills Rare Earth Elements Project, Mkango Resources Ltd. constructed a bigger and deeper well in close proximity to the relatively shallow wells of Wahiya community of Group Village Headman (GVH) Maoni in Phalombe. This is said to have resulted in the community wells drying up and lowering of the water table in the area.

This condition exposed community members, especially women and children to various challenges including skipping school and travelling long distances in search of clean water.  A joint intervention of three Reflection Action Circles (RACs) from Wahiya Village in collaboration with their Village Headman is what it took to compel Mkango resources to construct a borehole in the area to ease water problems. The RACs were demanding one borehole for every three wells that dried up, which came to a total of 3 boreholes. Much as the communities expressed happiness with this response, they still look forward to Mkango Resources Ltd. to construct the other 2 boreholes as per their initial demands.

Reflection action circles influence Mkango Resources to construct a Bore Hole for the Wahiya Community in Phalombe

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