In preparation for the passing of the 2015/2016 budget, The Ministry of Finance held Pre-Budgetary Consultations at the Bingu wa Mutharika International Conference Centre where various Civil Society Organisations were given a platform to lobby for allocation reviews for various ministries in the country.

Citizens for Justice as an organisation working closely with the judiciary and appreciating the importance of the judiciary to the country’s operations spoke on the budget allocation to the Judiciary as the reports at hand had so far had indicated a deficit of about 11 billion in the past 5 years as per the request for about 17 billion Malawi Kwacha.

In his speech, Executive Director for Citizens for Justice emphasized the need for sufficient funds to the Judiciary to carry out its mandate. A lot of cases especially homicide cases have been put on hold due to financial constraints in the sector leading to congestion in prisons. Justice delayed is justice denied and this has been the case in Malawi because the Judiciary has been facing quiet a number of challenges.

The Budget Process: 2015/2016 Pre-Budget Consultations

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