Tilitonse Fund has finished its two-year phase of funding governance projects from different organizations and as an evaluation process, it held two separate workshops, one in Blantyre on 28th and 29th September, 2015 for the Southern Region based organizations and the other in Mzuzu on 1st and 2nd October, 2015 for the Northern Region and most of the Central Region based organizations. This was done as a means to get feedback from the grant partners on their particular projects’ activities, successes and failures and if they have been effective in achieving their goals as far as advocating good governance is concerned.
Selected organizations like Malawi Human Rights Resource Centre, Zuwe Agro Dealers, Action Aid and Malawi Human Rights Commission made presentations on Tilitonse funded projects on their approaches, strategies and tools used successes and challenges.
From the group meetings that were held at the workshop involving representatives from different organizations whose projects were tackling issues in one main field, successes and challenges were highlighted. As of the mining sector, the projects are said to have gone well because there was collaboration of CSOs which put in efforts together giving them one voice and thereby strengthened their capacity to achieve their goals. The other reason was effective capacity building at the community level. The following are the main successes of the mining sector projects:
• Involvement of political stakeholders whom had been looked at as threats in the past years. They would want to take advantage of such mining projects and want to personally benefit from them.
• Joint effort in advocacy that led to policy review (reviewing of the Malawi Mines and Minerals Act, 1981)
• Strengthening of existing coalition on mining issues, financially and technically e.g. NRJN
• Mobilization of CSOs on mining governance that enhanced awareness campaign on mining issues to the public
• The media were able to be swayed to play a role in enhancing public awareness on mining issues


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