Our core mission is to speak with and for the poor and the voiceless so that they are part of development processes as CFJ premiers in research, advocacy and lobbying from a rights perspective in promoting good governance, environmental, social and economic justice in Malawi.

CFJ envisions an empowered Malawian society in which individuals and communities have secure access to information, justice and sustainable livelihoods. We are specifically committed to working with and on behalf of the marginalised.

Our goals are

  • To ensure that the government adheres to the rule of law, separation of powers and transparency
  • To provide Malawians with relevant information on their human and constitutional rights
  • To promote and preserve the rights of vulnerable and marginalised people
  • To promote networking and collaboration with stakeholders so as to contribute to the body of knowledge on community empowerment
  • To empower vulnerable groups in attaining sustainable livelihoods through programs on poverty alleviation, environmental protection, and socio-economic development
  • To empower the citizenry to respond to elements of corporate abuse

We value meaningful community participation in development processes, with particular focus on vulnerable and marginalized groups.  We advocate for good governance, accountability and transparency in development programming to ensure environmental protection and sustainable natural resource use, sustainable livelihoods, and the empowerment of Malawians to enjoy their fundamental and constitutional rights.

CFJ’s approach is set apart by the following:

* We value engagement with Government Ministries and Departments as a positive way influence change and policy positions

* We believe in a fact-based advocacy

  • Networking: working together with local, national and international institutions
  • Partnership to achieve wider impact values: partnering with CBOs and other organizations to maximide outputs
  • Walking the talk: staff, management and board members within CFJ translate rhetoric into practice. CFJ is beyond mere articulation of issues as we are implementers because of our action oriented spirit
  • Multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary approach: CFJ recognizes the mutual interrelation that exists between issues
  • Public interest litigation on issues that are astute to CFJ’s areas of interventions
  • Focus on vulnerable and marginalised groups: CFJ is orientated towards the empowerment of communities to be responsible for their own lives and adopt the “people power” approach to issues of governance
  • Articulation of issues within a human rights based framework respecting the indivisibility, interrelatedness and universality of human rights

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